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I'm Roy a freelance front end developer & UI/UX designer based in the UK

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In this era of rapid development, internet and websites have transformed everything thing into a small global village where you can manage vast business dealings efficiently. Web designing is the need of the hour in today’s world. To initiate an online influence of your trademark, web development, and design is a significant factor that is going to attract the viewers or the clients. It is the tool that aids you in engaging your customers with your company. Nowadays people have developed online businesses only for which promotion and advertisement is the factor that decides their success. The promotional material, branding, and marketing are in the hands of the web designer! Now it depends on the talent, skill, and efficiency of the freelance web designer you hire for your company.

Introducing you to Roy Barber, who is the front-end developer and the expert of UI and UX designing. He has been fortunate enough to work with the top brands of the world like Nestle’, Glaxo Smith Kline, Google, Fox’s, Rolawn, UNICEF, and many others. The competency and adroitness are fully accomplished with the past developing experiences. I am a Freelance writer with a proper office set up in London. I am providing you with a lot of services related to web designing, and you will always find me committed to work giving my best output to every client every time! Are you looking for a proficient and expert freelance web designer? Then you have come to the right place!

Let me tell you about the services I am offering to you. For branding and boosting posts, we design masterpiece logos and advertising postures and banners using high standard skills and tools. Brand guidelines and rebranding are also provided as an offer. The tools used are Brainstorms, Pencil & Paper, Photoshop, and illustrators. I have an experience of almost two decades in UI and UX designing. The websites are laid out in such a way as to make it user-friendly and attractive for the clients. Responsive websites, applications for sites and mobiles and landing pages are prepared to give a precise time for the development using appropriate tools. Front-end development is the basic requirement of all the websites being developed and designed. The front end and back end are the pillars for the construction of sites in software engineering. You can check my portfolio to know more about my work and experience to get an idea about the quality of work you will get if you give me a freelance call!

The utmost priority is to satisfy the demands of the customers and to maintain healthy relations with them. I have some clients with whom I have been working consistently for a long time. They are glad about the services offered and like to stay connected for future collaborations. I can assure you that I have an experience of working confidentially while being incorporated into the primary internal team of the company too! Though I am a freelance web designer, my work is always trust-oriented. Easy and feasible use by the costumers is the highest preference, and your success story is ultimately my success too! So, do not forget your teammate is available here on call!

My freelance working is very systemized and organized. Due to an increasing flow of clients, I try to be available on the nearest possible appointment I can be, for my clients. However, a little cooperation is always expected as I would like to be hired on a programmed basis. Do not feel hesitant to contact me for emergency orders or essential services. So your schedule should be prepared with me earlier so that your work can be completed before time. Also, the procedures above require proper registrations and documentation to carry out the work legally in process.

There is not any lengthy procedure to hire me. I am available to pick your orders all the time. And I try to agree on taking orders for any deadline given to me. I am always open to answer your services and respond to them adequately! Just contact me at the contact information provided on this website. Feel free to call me or visit my office in the office hours. However, my clients should know that I have a limited working time per day. There are fixed working hours at my office which is mostly the minimum work time. But to fulfill the words given to the clients, the working hours are often extended to cope with the workload.

Now, what matters for the clients is RATES. The rates I charge being an accomplished freelancer, they are well-suited with the quality and the quantity of work provided to the clients. It is always attempted to meet all the demands of the clients. Our happy clients will always love to pay the right rates. It is never a penny more than the work is done, and you may call it reasonable! Although the prices are inflexible, the deals are always negotiable, depending upon the type of work submitted. A client approaching me with his work and the reasonable rate is always appreciated and dealt nicely.

Branding / Logo Design

I’ve had the privilege of working on some top brands, creating sub brands and giving start ups the help they need to create a professional identity.


  • Corporate Identity
  • Branding
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Rebranding


  • Group Brainstorms
  • Pencil & Paper
  • Sketch / Photoshop
  • Illustrator

UI & UX Design

Since 2001, I’ve designed streamlined, easy-to-use websites and user interfaces. I work to the principle that less is more, while carefully and strategically including important details and interactions.


  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Websites
  • Landing Pages


  • Pencil & Paper
  • Axure
  • Sketch / Photoshop
  • Principle / InVision

Last but not least, my work is as a freelance web designer, but my duties are more like a permanently committed job. The increasing essentials of web designing have made it a competing job. The clients from various companies often sign contracts for temporary or short-term basis to serve them for a particular project. All dealings are completed with the super professional attitude of decent working skills. Organizational incorporation or teamwork options are always welcomed on offer. If you are aspired to hire one person that is interested in understanding the criteria and the grade or work you want, then hiring a multidisciplinary professional is the best option for your company. The portfolio can be seen as a sample for all the clients so that they can order the work in carefree and guaranteed mode. I bet you would not ever regret your choice!

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